Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I ate

Monday 14th September 2009 - The Perfect Weight Watcher's Day

Green Smoothie - 4 points
2 slices double fiber bread - 1 point
laughing cow cheese wedge - 1 point
salad with 2 tsp olive oil and balsamic vinegar - 2 points
1 cup watermelon - 1 point
This was from the farmer's market. The ones at the farmer's market are not seedless - but oh my good gravy did it taste deliciously good. Mmmmm. =)
1 cup mexican bean soup - 1 point
7 fat free crackers - 1 point
2 slices bread - 1 point
1 slice fat free bacon - 1 point
veggies and ketchup on the BLT - 0 points
split pea soup - 2 points
22 ice cream - 2 points
1 cup milk - 2 points

Total: 19/19 points

My good gravy was this a successful day!!! What. The. Heck. is all I can say about that. I got in all my veggies/fruits, all my milks, all my healthy oils, all my liquids, all my proteins, only whole grains, my vitamin AND a fun snack AND I didn't use ANY activity or bonus points AND I was FULL!!!! Holy toledo, batman!!! I may put this whole post in bold or something because this was THE Perfect ww Day.

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