Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I made Lifetime at WW last Thursday. My goal was 127lbs and last Thursday I weighed in at 122.8lbs. Bless their little hearts, they altered my goal to be 123lbs and let me have lifetime. =) I was all prepared to adjust my goal and go through another 6 weeks of maintenance.

My Lifetime materials arrived in the mail yesterday. That was quick. =)

So I guess all I need to do now is:
1. Continue eating healthily most of the time
2. Keep on running

What a difficult journey this was - but it's led me to a stronger place and I'm so glad I started down this road.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Haven't updated this blog in ages.

Reached my WW goal a couple of weeks ago and am currently considering lowering it as I continue to lose weight because of running.

Haven't weighed in yet this week - that's tomorrow - but if I'm not about 123 (my goal was 127) I'll be surprised. It's been a hard week and while I haven't been eating well, I have been running a lot. I'll do nutritionally better next week and will hopefully stabilize.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I ate

Sunday January 3rd 2009

Wooooeeee were the holidays difficult! =) However I'm back on the wagon and that's good. Furthermore I ran ever such a lot throughout November and December and I'm hoping that helped keep a lot of the extra weight off.

Not sure what I weigh right now as I haven't weighed in for two weeks (They were closed Christmas Eve, and I chose not to weigh in New Year's Eve). This Thursday will be an interesting day for sure.

Today was Fast Sunday so it is rather an odd day for food and drink.

Whole Wheat spaghetti - set point 5
1/2 cup bolognaise sauce - 3
2 cups orange juice - 4 points
2 cups chocolate milk - 5 points

I'll probably have a salad tonight.