Friday, July 10, 2009

What I ate

Friday 10th July

Green smoothie - 4 points

Thin bread with boca burger, veggies and ketchup - 2 points

Fiber one bar - 2 points
Bites of cheese its and cake - 1 point

I believe we're going to Sake because it's DATE NIGHT!!! Wooo Hoooo!
I'll probably have a number four, which is 11 points:
Salad with ginger dressing
miso soup
california roll

Later note:
Unfortunately, I also had 2 pcs vegetable tempura, 2 pcs rainbow roll and 2 cups milk which added an extra 9 points to the day. Not bad for a date night out, really. =) I used 9 flex points.

Total: 29/20 points

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