Thursday, July 30, 2009

Converting measurements

I just converted pounds into stones incase my parents check out this blog. This is excessively depressing!!! Because when I married I was 8 stone 3lb - so that's how I think of myself. 8 stone 3 lbs is 115lbs.

When I first started weight watchers I was 165.8lbs - that's nearly 12 stone!!! 11 Stone 11.8lbs.

My gosh!

Now I'm 150lbs. That's 10 Stone 10 lbs.

I thought for a while that 150 lbs was ok. But 10 stone 10 lbs is not ok!!!

Even my tentative goal weight of 130 lbs will put me at over 9 stone (9st 4lb).

This was a depressing exercise and I wish I hadn't done it. Such a long way to go. *sigh*

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