Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here are my measurements after being on Weight Watchers for ten weeks. TEN WEEKS! My good gravy! The new measurements are in bold. The weight my change as I'm weighing into WW in 40 minutes.

165.8/154 pounds

154 lbs is 11 stone

WHOOOOT!! I weighed in and I'd lost FOUR pounds!!! Four pounds in one week! How is that possible? I ate pretty much the same as last week and last week I just maintained my weight!

Oh. Duh. I've just figured it out. I was on a period last week. This week I'm not.

So anyway, my weight should read:

165.8/150 pounds

150lbs is 10 stone 10 lbs

I'm 150lbs. Wow. I think the last time I was this weight was...uh...last year when I tried to lose a buncha weight for my sister's wedding. Gained it all back right away though, because I hadn't changed my eating habits, I'd just dieted. Hopefully with Weight Watchers, I'll be able to develop the habits and self-control so that this will be a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Thus far it's not going so well on the life-change thing as I am CRAVING fat, sugar, and combinations thereof. But maybe, over time, I'll get better.

So, I'm glad I was dead on 150lbs because as soon as I dip below that my points drop down to 19 rather than the 20 I have now. I am SO not looking forward to that.

Next week, if I've lost 0.2lbs or more, I'll have hit my 10% mark. That means I'll have lost 10% of my body weight in 11 weeks. =) I'll get the 10% key ring. =) Not that I actually USE keyrings, but it's a milestone nontheless.

Next goal after that will be another 5%, and then another 10%, and then I'll be extremely close to my goal weight. So if I don't hit plateaus or fall off the wagon, and if the weight comes off as it has been doing thus far, I've got about another 3-4 months to go before I start the maintenance phase. It will be interesting to see how long it actually takes to hit my goal weight. Not that I know what my actual goal weight is. Right now I'm just along for the ride, seeing where it takes me.


Bust: 39″/37"
Waist: 34.5″/31"
Hips: 44″/42"
Upper Arm: 13″/13" (Though I noticed the skin is floppier rather than fuller - ie, the skin's there but the fat's going. =D)
Lower Arm: 8.5″/ I forgot to take this measurement.
Thigh: 25″/24"
Calf: 16″/ I forgot to take this measurement.

I currently wear size 10, 12 or 14. It really depends on where I buy the clothes and how they're cut. I have no idea what actual *size* I am for sure.

I'm allowed 20 points per day, with 35 extra points per week. I generally spread the extra points out over the week.

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