Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I ate

Saturday 17th October 2009

Banana - 2 points
weight watchers eclair - 3 points
It totally wasn't worth it. I have been quite disappointed with the Smart Ones desserts. They're heavy points for such a little item, and they don't taste fabulous.
Mexican bean soup - 1 point
7 ff crackers - 1 point
1 cup 8th continent soy milk - 1 point
tortilla - 1 point
onions - 1 point
lifewater drink - 2 point
Actually, I just got this for the bottle. They hold nearly 3 cups of water and fit perfectly in the cup holder in my car. Now I have three; a purple one, an orange one, and a pink one. One's washing whilst one's being used and the other is waiting to be used. How can you go wrong? =D
TOrtilla, onions, lettuce, tomato - 2 points
ww ice cream - 1 point
1 cup soy milk - 1 point
Kroger sushi - 2 points

Total: 18/18 points
Wow. What a great day. =) I ate all the things I was meant to as well. =)

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