Friday, October 2, 2009

What I ate

Sunday, 27th September 2009

I talked with my ww leader after she'd looked at the two weeks of trackers. She said I was doing really exceptionally well staying on programme. She really couldn't figure out why I'm not losing weight. I mentioned that *everyone* says it's because I'm gaining muscle, but she said you don't gain muscle that quickly. My weight loss slowed the very week I started running, and she said it takes a couple of weeks at least for that to happen if it's the creation of muscle that's causing it. Bizarre.

So she said, "Either you need to *not* eat any of the bonus points, and stick as close to your 19 daily points as you can, OR you need to eat *every single one* of your points." She said in the cases she's seen like this there's no way to tell which one will work for which person, you just have to experiment and see which one your body needs.

This week I'm trying to stay as close to my 19 points and use as few of my bonus points as possible. I am actually hoping this is *not* what my body needs, as, to be frank, I don't think it's very healthy to eat so little! And, furthermore, I do NOT want to train my body to think that it's ok to eat so little as that means that in the future, when I'm in the "Lifetime" phase of WW, I won't be able to eat the bonus points then.

And let me make myself clear, I *WILL NOT* eat only 19 points a week for the rest of my life. That is no way to live. There needs to be *SOME* wiggle room in the programme. I fully intend to be able to eat Chinese food once in a while, or to be able to have a packet of chips....oh my, it's SO hard not having barbeque chips. I love them so much.

Not that I intend gorging myself when I've completed my weight loss, but I will not live on plain salad for the rest of my life. It's mentally unhealthy.

Trying to lose weight has certainly taught me what my trigger foods are. I have slowly learned to eat only a small piece of chocolate or pie or whatever...but I know for a fact that if I ever have a sweet barbeque chip I will eat the whole bag. It's an absolute trigger food for me. Who knew? =)

Toast and marmalade - 2 points
salad with 2 tsp olive oil and 1 light cheese stick - 3 points
noodles - 5 points
sauce and meat - 3 points

Total: 13/19 points
Didn't do so well with the veggies, milks etc. Oh well.

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