Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I ate

Sunday 30th August 2009
It's Linger Longer at church today. I'm really nervous about it. Wish me luck. =)

Chocolate pumpkin muffin batter - 2 points
I guessed. I licked a bit off my fingers and the bowl. I figured it was better to overestimate the points than underestimate.
1 cup milk - 2 points
1/2 egg boat - 2 points
Andrew made egg boats again. That young man loves to cook. =)
1 chocolate pumpkin mini muffin - 1 point
Green Smoothie - 4 points
Various pickin's at the Linger Longer - 20 points
It was worse than I expected. *sigh* =(
1 cup watermelon - 1 point

Total points - 32/19

I'll post more later.

Chocolate pumpkin muffins

makes 24 at 2 points per muffin. 1 point if you make 48 mini muffins.
1 box chocolate cake mix
15 oz canned pumpkin

Mix it up. Divide it up between 24 muffin cups. Bake about 20-25 mins.

If you can, wait for them to cool, then add a small topper of fat free canned whipped cream or fat free cool whip for no extra points. The children went NUTS over them. They are sooooooo good. =)

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