Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I ate

Saturday 29th August 2009

Green Smoothie - 4 points
2 slices bread - 1 point
I discovered a marrrrrrrvelous new bread - Nature's Own Double Fiber bread is only ONE POINT for TWO SLICES!! Whooooot!
Cheese wedge - 1 point
veggies and dressing - 1 point
1 cup watermelon - 1 point
1 1/2 cups milk - 3 points
Chips and 2/3 shrimp quesadilla - 16 points
We ate out at Taco Express - or, as it's called now, Oscar's, but I prefer the old name. The shrimp quesadilla is sooooooo goooooood. I haven't had one in months and I was amazed that I was able to eat only 2/3 of it and not scarf the whole thing.
I also didn't eat the ice cream they had at church when we went to the Court of Honor - Ben made Star rank!!! =) Anyway, I didn't eat the ice cream there, and I didn't eat any at home either. Go me! =)

Total points: 27/19

Used a few bonus points. It was worth it. =)

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