Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I ate

Green Smoothie - 4 points
thin bread x 2 - 2 points
Laughing Cow cheese wedge x 2 - 2 points
Various yummy veggies - 0 points
Light cheese stick - 1 point
4 slices turkey bacon - 4 points
2 slices bread - 4 points
1 tbsp ketchup - 0 points
2 tsp light mayo - 1 point
1 egg - 2 points
1 cup skim milk - 2 points
Total - 22 points

I went over by one point, which is ok.

Some days I'm so hungry. I don't know why. It drives me crazy to be constantly hungry. I feel like I'm fasting 24/7. How do I get over that? It's not very comfortable.

Today I was hungry most of the day. =(

Tomorrow Emily and I leave for Provo, Utah, to take her to college. I'm nervous about that. I hope I don't get lost or mess up or something. Or miss a plane. Or worse.

Furthermore, I'm really nervous about staying on WW for the five days I'm out there. Eating out and airline food for five days. Yikes. How I'm going to keep within my points without starving I don't know.

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