Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday March 21st 2016

Well.  Here we are again.

Due to blowing out my ITB I haven't run in months, and thus, the weight has just piled back on.  I ride the bike, but it doesn't work the same for weight loss that running does.  Plus, I've been eating junk, so that doesn't help.

Sigh.  I can't believe I'm almost (BUT NOT QUITE!!!!!!) back where I started.

So here we go.  Back on the train again.  Let's see if I'm as successful this second time around. Something tells me I won't be as I won't be able to run several miles each day.

So. We begin.

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie  275 cal
Banana - 105 cal
Cocoa - 20 cal
Tbsp peanut butter (I can't find the Jif PB powder here in Canada so I have to use the real thing.  Way more calories. - 90 cal
Almond/coconut milk blend - 60 cal

Veggie cheese sandwich with celery 190 cal
2 slices little big bread - 110 cal
1 kiri - 50 cal
1/2 tomato - 18 cal
1/8 cucumber - 6 cal
2 slices jalapeño - 1 cal
1 stick celery - 6 cal

Egg over rice with salad 251 cal
1/2 cup sushi rice - 106 cal
sushi vinegar and soy sauce - 10 cal
1 egg over easy - 70 cal
1 tsp oil - 41 cal
salad (1/6 head romaine, 1/4 tomato, 1/8 English cucumber, 2 slices jalapeño, 1 tsp sushi vinegar) - 23 cal

Snacks 368 cal
rice cake 35 cal
1/2 oz red Leicester cheese - 50 cal
Hot chocolate 120 cal
Caro with 2% milk (hilariously, the 11 year old thinks 2% is a treat and tastes like cream; he gets really excited about it. =D) 32 cal
Chamomile tea - 0 cal
1 cup 2% milk - 130 cals

Total: 1083 calories
This is too few.  That's good to know, as I was quite hungry from about 3-5pm.  It's good to know I have enough wiggle room to have a snack then.  I kept myself going with a rice cake and some caro.

Assessment of the day: 
Fruit/veggie: 3/5.  I should definitely be eating more veggies.  I was going to have an orange tonight but I'm too full.  I'll have some kind of fruit or veggie tomorrow afternoon and see if that helps.
Dairy: About 2/3.  Not bad.  Could do better.
Protein: 2/3

It's a good start.  Let's see what tomorrow brings....and if I'm able to lay off the chocolates...

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